Meet Izzy from “Milly’s PCS Worries”

Izaiah a.k.a. Izzy

This is my son Izaiah, the big brother’s inspiration in “Milly’s PCS Worries.” He is my only son and my firstborn.

Izaiah, nicknamed Izzy, is an army brat that’s been through 4 moves. Like the book’s character, Izaiah is a helpful big brother who looks after his little sister. Only in 4th grade, he’s been to three elementary schools. Every time was having to start over and make new friends. “My favorite part of moving is making new friends,” he said. ” But leaving my friends is also my least favorite part of moving.”

Military children everywhere have to deal with leaving their friends when they move and making new friends at their new duty station. Izaiah said he likes to be observant on his first day at a new school, not speaking much, but watching and listening to others. “I like to listen and see if we have anything in common, then the next couple of days, I start to talk more, and if we have things in common, we become friends.”
In “Milly’s PCS Worries,” the character Izzy gives his little sister similar advice about making friends. “Just be yourself, find things you have in common, and be kind!” – Izzy, Milly’s PCS Worries.

I am so proud of him. The word that always comes to my mind first when describing Izaiah is helpful. Ever since he was little, you could always find him helping someone. It didn’t matter who the person is; Izaiah always strives to treat everyone with respect and help them if they need help.
His big heart is contagious.

Some of Izaiah’s favorite things:

  • Favorite things: Pokémon cards
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Favorite toy: Nintendo Switch
  • Favorite show: The Masked Singer
  • Favorite cartoon: anything on Cartoon Network.
  • Favorite sport: Basketball & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Favorite book: Trouble at Table Five by Tom Watson

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