About The Author

Hi, and welcome to Amyriverabooks.com! I’m Amy Rivera, author of “Milly’s PCS Worries”.

I wear many hats in life. I’m a mother to two awesome kids and a wife to an amazing man who is active duty in the US Army. The other hat I wear is my school counselor’s hat. I have a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on guidance and counseling. I love working with children, helping them overcome their obstacles, and seeing them succeed.

I wrote “Milly’s PCS Worries” to help military children overcome their fears and worries associated with moving. It was a passion project for me and a way to combine my personal and professional life while doing what I love most, helping children and families.
I am currently working on my next book to go along with “Milly’s PCS Worries.” Stay tuned!

Let’s build something together!